Agbajo Collection

Background AGBAJO is set in the theme of conscious fashion and drew inspiration from a western Nigerian aphorism which says – agbajo owo la fii n so ya, ajoji owo kan ko gberu dori – transliterated – a combination of hands does much, one hand cannot lift a load.The Agbajo collection basks in this idea to foster unity, bring people

Imprint on the Beach

We organised an open product launch photoshoot, and invited our brand lovers, customers and friends to come spend their day with us at the Oniru Beach, Lagos, Nigeria (shoot location). We had a splendid time at the beach. It was work and play! And all our friends were excited to feature in the shoot. It was beautiful day. Here are


In a bid to better depict the image, direction of the brand IMPRINT, and interpret its message –  ‘making a mark on the sand of time’, a new logo was designed. In light of this significant event, IMPRINT will be starting a foundation at the beginning of its second fiscal year. It will be the major building block of the conscious