Agbajo Collection

Agbajo Collection


AGBAJO is set in the theme of conscious fashion and drew inspiration from a western Nigerian aphorism which says – agbajo owo la fii n so ya, ajoji owo kan ko gberu dori – transliterated – a combination of hands does much, one hand cannot lift a load.

The Agbajo collection basks in this idea to foster unity, bring people together from different races, ethnic groups, and demographics, to achieve various aims, work together in harmony and co-exist peacefully.

The name – AGBAJO – can be basically sought to mean coming together” in its simplest form.


All elements in the design of the various pieces in the collection have their individual signification.

  • Leather Color

The collection will feature multiple colours on a product signifying different demographics of people, races and ethnic groups and cultures, etc, coming together.

  • Threading / Stitching

The prominent threading utilized in the collection suggests that something bigger than ourselves brings us together, e.g a work environment, team groups, extended family, etc.

  • Curved Edges

The curved edges signify how in unity, we meander and drift through life’s curves easier.


Considering the choice of title (Agbajo), which underlies the idea of coming together to a greater good/output/benefit, a lot of other things – ingredients come into play to make Agbajo happen.

These include:

  • Humility

  • Experience

  • Friendship

  • Goodness

  • Hope

  • Star

Based on these values, each footwear in the collection was titled.

Thankfully, beyond having their meanings perfectly fit for the designs, the Yoruba translations of these words have alliteration that adds a true rhythm to the concept behind Agbajo.

Ìrírí (Experience)

In life, as the old adage says, “experience is the best teacher.” This footwear depicts how a teacher, or one with experience in something worthy, can create something bigger than others by sharing knowledge or craft to those who need it. The red on the footwear births the brown, and black colors. It is an act of convergence, especially moving toward union or uniformity, a small thing, creating a bigger picture for others, like the glue which also holds everything in place.

Ìrépò (Friendship)

Good friendship is one thing that keeps people together, stronger. Having good friends who love and support you for who you are is really important to your happiness. This footwear tells how good two people can hold each other in love and kindness, stand tall together, and bring out the beauty and best in each other, hence the title. We want to imply to people to be a friend, to be that friend.

Ìrèlè (Humility)

The two different parts of this footwear are joined together, like the others. But what makes this more significant to the title is that it shows how much a larger part of something can be one with another, no matter how different it looks. The larger part needs humility to work with the smaller part, and the latter also needs to humble itself to accept the magnanimity of the ‘elder’. It inevitably tells that for two people to work together in unity, whether old or young, they need to be humble.

Ìrètí (Hope)

Where there is hope, there is always a way. Two different parts of something can come together, embracing their flaws, strengths, and weaknesses, believing in one thing, that despite who they are, with commitment and truth, they can achieve it. There is a joining, an acceptance on both sides, like a box with spaces, open to receive another.

Ire (Goodness)

When something good happens, you live a little lighter. Live a little happier. Live a little brighter. This footwear signifies goodness in its purity; how a good deed can embrace (welcome) another, and bring out the best of both worlds. We want to encourage people to not look down on others, no matter what size or color, we can make the world more beautiful by embracing and appreciating other people’s differences. Here, the Red sits, comfortably embraced by the Black, making each other even more beautiful.

Ìràwò (Star)

​For a team to work, you need a captain. And that captain most times, is the star of the team. He is also the bridge that holds everything and everyone close. As people need to believe in themselves as stars, to believe in their stars that shine, they also need to motivate people, holding the forte to mental health, and good working relationships with friends, family, and co-workers. People need to be reminded of that.

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